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Asian Bites

  1. €5.50Poh Pia RollsWith glass noodles, shredded carrot, cabbage and plum dippin' sauce
  2. €6.00Hoisin Duck Spring Rollsshredded duck with vegetables & homemade Hoisin sauce
  3. €6.00Char Grilled Chicken SkewersTender Irish chicken skewers with satay dipping sauce
  4. €7.00Crispy WontonDeepfried shrimp & chicken wrapped in wonton
  5. €5.50Bangkok Chicken WingsChicken wings tossed in Thai dressing
  6. €6.50BBQ Pork RibsTender marinated pork ribs in homemade BBQ sauce
  7. €6.00Crispy CalamariIn peppered breadcrumbs with lime chili sauce
  8. €7.00King Prawn RollsMarinated King Prawn wrapped in filo pastry with sweet chili sauce
  9. €6.00Crispy Peppered ChickenDeep fried chicken tossed with salt, pepper and chili
  10. €6.50Lana Spice BoxCrispy Chicken tossed with salt, pepper, chilli & Chips


  1. €8.00Thai Spicy Duck SaladSliced roast duck served with mixed salad and Thai chilli & lime dressing


  1. €6.00Tom Yum Soup

    with your choice of meat, mushroom & cherry tomato


  1. €10.95Pad ThaiFlat rice noodles with chicken & prawns, fresh vegetables and crushed peanut on the side
  2. €10.95Sinagpore NoodlesVermicelli (thin) noodles, chicken & prawn and fresh vegetables fried in chili peanut sauce
  3. €10.95Phad Kee MaoFlat rice noodle with chicken, prawn, chili paste, basil leaf and vegetables
  4. €10.95Lana Special NoodlesUdon noodles with fresh chicken & prawn, shallots, mixed vegetables in homemade spicy sauce
  5. €10.95Chicken Chow MeinWok fried egg noodles with chicken fresh chili Chinese leaf in homemade seasoning sauce


  1. €11.50Indonesian lamb RendangSlow cooked lamb curry with potato, lemongrass, galangal and kaffir leaf
  2. €11.50Slow cooked Beef Massaman CurrySlow cooked beef in southern style massaman curry with potato, cashew nut and onion
  3. €9.95Thai Green CurryWith green beans and fresh sweet basil
  4. €9.95Thai Red CurryWith coconut milk, bamboo shoots, kaffir lime leaf, fresh basil, green beans & mixed peppers
  5. €9.95Massaman CurrySouthern style Massaman curry with cashew nuts, potato, cinnamon and onion.
  6. €9.95Thai Panang CurryA rich creamy curry with coconut milk, mixed peppers, lime leaves and fresh basil


  1. €10.95Nasi GorengMalaysian fried rice with chili paste, prawn, chicken, and finely chopped vegetables
  2. €10.95Khao PadWok fried rice with beef and finely chopped vegetables in homemade Thai paste
  3. €10.95Lana Special Fried RiceFried rice with chicken, fresh chili, coriander, crispy shallots & finely chopped vegetables

From The Wok

  1. €10.95Crispy Sweet Chili ChickenCrispy chicken with onion, carrot and mixed peppers in a Thai sweet chili sauce
  2. €10.95Thai Sweet Sour ChickenCrispy chicken with pineapple, onion, mix peppers, carrot in a Thai sweet and sour sauce
  3. €9.95Chili and Cashew NutsWith mixed vegetables and cashew nuts, dry chilli
  4. €9.95Phad Kha PaoWith fresh garlic and chili, onion, mushroom and sweet basil
  5. €9.95Pad PrikPepper, onion, carrot and mushroom with black bean sauce
  6. €9.95Chili and Thai herbsStir fried chilies, Thai herbs with fine beans and basil leaves
  7. €9.95Malay BBQ HoneyStir fried pepper, onion, carrot with Malaysian style BBQ sauce
  8. €9.95Thai garlic and chili sauceWith onion, peppers, broccoli, homemade garlic chili sauce
  9. €9.95Three Seasoning Stir-fried vegetables with spicy, sweet and sour sauces, pineapple, cherry tomato
  10. €10.95Crispy Roast DuckRoast Duck Served with Asian vegetables and Plum sauce
  11. €9.95Pad KingGinger, peppers, onions, carrot and spring onion fried in seasoning sauce
  12. €9.95Sambal SauceWok fried mixed vegetables in our homemade sambal paste

Kid's Dishes

  1. €6.00Crispy Chicken PiecesWith steamed rice or chips & a mild sweet sour sauce
  2. €6.00Kids Fried RicePlain fried rice with chicken and simple vegetables
  3. €6.00Superhero NoodlesStir fried noodles with chicken and chopped vegetables
  4. €6.00Super Mild Chicken CurryChicken with Massaman curry and steamed rice or chips


  1. €2.50Thai Prawn Crackers
  2. €2.50Steamed Rice
  3. €3.00Egg fried rice
  4. €3.50Stir fried egg noodle
  5. €3.50Stir fried Asian greens
  6. €2.50Chips
  7. €3.50Sweet potato fries
  8. €4.00Japanese Edamame
  9. €3.00Portion of Curry Sauce
  10. €2.50Brown Rice


  1. €2.00Coke
  2. €2.00Diet Coke
  3. €2.007up
  4. €2.50San Pellegrino
  5. €3.00Orange Juice
  6. €3.00Apple Juice
  7. €2.00Fanta
  8. €2.00Water

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